Carrie Underwood's Husband Gets Bitten By A Chipmunk


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The famous country singer, Carrie Underwood, is also apparently an animal lover. She wanted at all costs for her husband to rescue a chipmunk that had gotten into their house. Underwood, is known for her time on American Idol of course, and has also made a successful career for herself after her run on the show. Her husband, Mike Fisher, is a hockey player for the Nashville Predators. After a tragic incident, he was recently left with two bite marks on his hand after an intense interaction with a chipmunk after getting into the couple's house.

Underwood begged her husband to take care of the situation and filmed the entire thing, as he cornered the chipmunk in their bathroom. She pleaded to him not to hurt the poor creature, but in the end, it was him who ended up getting hurt. It seems that they were able to finally get the chipmunk back outside and safe, only after hurting Fisher and leaving bite marks on his hand.

While this makes for a terribly traumatic day at the Underwood/Fisher house, some may see it as a very silly story and not consider it to be breaking news. Underwood filmed the whole wild incident and posted consecutive videos to her vine, for all of her fans to see. She seemed very excited to film her husband's conquest of the poor chipmunk and although the chipmunk was okay in the end, the professional hockey player, ironically, was not.

Chipmunks may look incredibly cute when eyeing them from a distance, but from this experience, it is clear that Underwood and Fisher will know not to mess with them. Who knew removing a chipmunk from the house could be such a challenge? Certainly not a professional athlete and man that Underwood assumed would be able to handle the situation easily.

According to People Magazine, after the animal was finally contained and put into a plastic container, it began to squeal and scream, prompting the singer to plead to him not to hurt. How ironic that statement became, after he became the injured one after that tragic incident. Underwood also shared a significant tweet for the situation after the chipmunk had defeated her husband in a vicious and embarassing battle for the professional athlete, who obviously felt defeated after this incident.

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