Carrie Underwood Slammed on Twitter for 'Sound of Music' Role


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One would think it should be a highly commendable feat to portray the role of Maria von Trapp in a remake of the classic film, 'Sound of Music.' However, it appears there are quite a few people that feel otherwise about Carrie Underwood's new role. The worse part is that they decided to take their complaints directly to the 'Jesus Take the Wheel' singer via Twitter.

According to E! News, Underwood was asked of her sentiments about the premiere in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. She revealed that she was nervous, due to the outstanding number of 'hurtful tweets' she's received. She explained that some people expressed their disapproval of the casting decision in her favor.

"I get hate tweets and stuff like, 'You're not Julie Andrews!'" Underwood explained to Entertainment Weekly. "I know I'm not Julie. Nobody is and I would never pretend that I was…I know my place."

The television movie hasn't even premiered yet, and Underwood is already being scrutinized for the role. But why? According to the tweets, the answer is none other than the legendary Julie Andrews.

For those who aren't familiar with the classic film, Andrews is the original Maria in 'Sound of Music'. If the name doesn't ring a bell here's a hint: She starred as the grandmother in 'The Princess Diaries' with Anne Hathaway.

Andrews career in music and film has spanned over 60 years. She's known for her work in classic films like “Victor Victoria,” “Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella” and “Mary Poppins.” Most people have heard Andrews' voice before as well. However, you probably didn't notice it. She's appeared as a voice-over in films like “Shrek,” “Enchanted,” and “Despicable Me.”

In a nutshell, Andrews was probably the original in a number of classic musicals. So, some feel that the 'American Idol' winner just can't measure up to the original. Others feel that while Underwood definitely has the potential to fulfill the role, she just doesn't have enough stripes to be considered for such a prominent role. However, Andrews herself, expressed otherwise.

Zap2It spoke with the 78-year-old actress about her sentiments on Underwood's upcoming role in the remake. She weighed in with a relatively positive response. "Fifty years later, it's time somebody had another crack at it. I had the best time of my life doing it and it did wonderful things for me," she said. "I think it's great that it's being done again, but doing it live must be so daunting," she quipped. So, the premiere should be quite interesting to watch.

The 'Sound of Music' is scheduled to air Tuesday, Dec. 5 on NBC at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Carrie Underwood