Carrie Underwood: Football Song Revamped

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Carrie Underwood is officially a part of your Sunday Night Football viewing experience.

Donning a sleeveless sequined blue top and denim shorts with a pair of boots, she wanted to make the song “edgier”. She filmed the sequence in June at a huge studio inPlaya Vista, California. This is the first year that Carrie has taken the duty of singing the theme song.

"We all definitely wanted to make an intentional shift in the sound and the look and the feel of it," Underwood said. "Because Faith put such a stamp on it. She made it her own. We wanted people to know it was someone else; it was me — my music, my sound, my voice, my look."
The country singer bellowed out the new NBC Sunday Night Football Theme Song at the top of the broadcast, in which the song aired for the first time last night. She seemed very excited, as she cryptically tweeted.

For the past six years, Faith Hill’s "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" has been the long-running theme song featured at the top of the Sunday Night Football game, and back in 2006, Pink revamped it. Each version of the song has been complemented by a mini-story or theme, one somehow involving NFL stars, and Underwood's is no different.

"The general story is Carrie is performing in a concert stadium, and in the crowd are these living cubes," said Fred Gaudelli, the show's producer. "Inside these cubes are NFL stars. They're submerged in water, but then they rise out of the cubes and become themselves. It's kind of a real world combined with a surreal world."

"You knew you were getting a star," Gaudelli said of Underwood, "but her ability to nail things the first time is unlike anybody I've ever seen, other than maybe (play-by-play announcer)Al Michaels."

Michaels credits the upbeat introduction for attracting viewers who might not ordinarily tune in for a football game.
"And maybe we can keep them around for 15 minutes or so afterward," he said, adding: "You hope the game is half as good as the open."

Take a listen to Carrie Underwood's theme song and tell us what you think!

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