Caroline Wozniacki Forgot To Take The Money, $1.45 Million!

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Tennis sweetheart Caroline Wozniacki, currently holding the seventh spot in the world rankings, was said to be more excited about New York Fashion Week than her U.S. Open runner-up winnings. She was apparently so excited that she left the tournament without claiming her $1.45M prize money.

After losing to her close personal friend Serena Williams in the U.S. Open final earlier this month, she dutifully faced the press and then headed for home. About half an hour later, WSJ reports that she arrived back at the tennis center saying "I forgot to pick up my prize money."

The Danish-born Wozniacki apparently doesn’t concern herself much with money. Not only did she forget to claim her $1.45 million check, she also didn't inquire about an extra $500,000 in sponsorship incentives that is due her for her strong showing in the Open.

The fact that she earns over $10 million in annual endorsements may have something to do with her cool. But even her agent and manager, John Tobias, has stated that the 24-year-old star gives more weight to how she feels about a product rather than her potential earnings when discussing business particulars for her endorsements.

"I have enough to eat, buy nice shoes," Wozniacki told WSJ. "For me, it's about the tennis and the trophies. I'm not motivated by money."

Wozniacki’s focus is set on winning a Grand Slam tournament. She definitely got far with rejuvenating her career with a 43-16 record this season. Fans expect a lot from this former world No. 1, who played her best tennis in years and made it back to her first Grand Slam final since 2009.

It is said that her tennis declined in the past years that she was engaged to pro golfer Rory McIlroy.  Her comeback became apparent earlier in the season when Wozniacki won a tournament in Istanbul, which came after McIlroy broke off their engagement.

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