Carmen Electra Says She Owes Everything To Prince


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Carmen Electra has been a triple threat since entering the entertainment industry back in the 90s, as she's made her mark as an actress, singer and dancer in major way. Now the 41 year old has returned to her first love, singing, with her new single WERQ and she says the song is about being resilient and carrying on.

"Self-empowerment and empowering others [is what the song is about]," she said in an interview with OK! magazine. "Taking what you got and making it WERQ."

In 2012, Electra released the single "I Like it Loud," which was pretty well-received, and now with WERQ, she says she's on her way to completing an entire album.

"My plan is to finish the album and in between that, shoot the new video for WERQ, and I will be popping up and performing the new material," which will be message-driven, she says. "[You'll] hear more fun, uplifting songs that you can dance to with a positive message.

In addition, the former "Singled Out" host said if it wasn't for the legendary singer Prince, she wouldn't be where she is now.

"I will always have gratitude toward him for believing in me as an artist and giving me the opportunity to spend every day playing at Paisley Park studios," she said. "Which was like the Willy Wonka of music, performance and creativity. I felt like I had been given the golden ticket to the chocolate factory."

And how does Electra stay so beautifully fit at age 41? It's all about dancing, she says, since she doesn't consider it exercise--it's just what she loves to do.

"Dancing rehearsals and performances are to me, the best way to stay in shape," she explained. "We spend about six to eight hours a day rehearsing while prepping for a performance. Its fun and I don't think of it as a workout but I notice the most results during those times."

Image via Wikimedia Commons