Candace Cameron Bure Shares New "Fuller House" Pics

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Candace Cameron Bure has kept fans as updated on the progress of Fuller House as she can, and this week she posted some new behind-the-scenes photos to help us with the wait.

The sitcom star shared some "countdown" pics on Instagram, which included several of the original cast members on set as well as one of Bure's children on the show, a baby boy.

"We're counting down! @fullerhouse is coming to you in 1 month! Here's a sneak peek you don't wanna miss!" Bure wrote in the caption.

As announced in the featurette below, Fuller House is a show 30 years in the making, as it comes decades after the original found success. Although the full original cast won't be returning--Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who played Michelle, will reportedly not be making an appearance--most of the actors who made Full House such a hit have returned to the San Francisco home and have found a huge fanbase waiting for them.

"Fuller House carries the same emotional, loving, family tone through the show that the original did," Candace says of the reboot, which follows her character, DJ tanner, as she raises three boys on her own.

Fuller House will debut on Netflix in February, and Candace Cameron Bure will have a full schedule; she also co-hosts The View, where she made headlines last week for walking off the set. Although some thought it was because she was upset with the discussion, the actress took to social media later to explain that she had low blood sugar and had contracted the flu, and illness took her off the set. Co-star Whoopie Goldberg said as much on a later episode; Bure assured her fans that she is fine.

"Yesterday we were having a big conversation and Candace got ill and it turned out she had the flu. We were sitting here and she literally lost color and we thought she was going to pass out," Goldberg said.

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