Candace Cameron Bure Goes Face Naked on Instagram

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Candace Cameron Bure showed her fans the real deal recently, by going 'face naked' this past Friday. She shared a photo of herself wearing absolutely no makeup. Citing boredom as the reason behind the photo, she then posted it on Instagram for all her fans and friends to see.

"No make-up selfie cause I'm bored," the Full House star wrote. She even wore her blonde hair un-styled--which is even more out of character for the pretty Dancing With the Stars alum.

What's especially interesting when you study this photo, is that Candace Cameron Bure--who is 38--looks far younger without makeup than she does when wearing it. Do you agree?

Fans had their hopes up about Candace Cameron Bure, Bob Saget, John Stamos, and more reprising their Full House roles for an upcoming reunion show, but it doesn't sound like that was anything more than a rumor--at least so far. Glamour magazine reports that while there are no hard and fast plans for such a reunion show, it is a frequent topic of discussion.

If a Full House reunion should come to fruition, Candace Cameron Bure will have to get back into that full makeup mode to play her grown-up rendition of her character, DJ Tanner.

Candace certainly isn't the only celebrity to share photos of herself while not wearing any makeup. RadarOnline recently featured an article and photos of several celebrities without any makeup--including Kate Hudson, Debra Messing, Anne Hathaway, Bethenny Frankel, Julianne Hough, and more--and some of them were barely recognizable.

Candace Cameron Bure should consider herself among the lucky ones. Even without her makeup, people can still make out exactly who she is.

Would you go 'face naked' and post your photo on Instagram for all the world to see?

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