Can Consumers Opt-Out Of Google's New Privacy Policy?


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Beginning March 1st Google will begin to monitor user's habits, preferences, and proclivities much more closely and in a systematic fashion. The company reports that they will do this to help refine their products and deliver more effective advertising. This has a lot of users in an uproar! Now the policies have caught the attention of several U.S. lawmakers.

In a letter to Google CEO Larry Page, eight United States lawmakers convey their sentiments and pose questions regarding Google's upcoming privacy policy changes. The following is some of what was said in that letter:

“Google’s announcement raises questions about whether consumers can opt out of the new data sharing system either globally or on a product-by-product basis."

"We believe that consumers should have the ability to opt out of data collection when they are not comfortable with a company’s terms of service and that the ability to exercise that choice should be simple and straightforward.”

“While Google suggests that the purpose of this shift in policy is to make the consumer experience simpler, we want to make sure it does not make protecting consumer privacy more complicated.”

Further questions revolved around users who decided to delete their accounts with Google and if their information would be retained or deleted. There are about twenty questions in total about the new Google privacy policies.

The lawmakers have requested a response from Google and would like it to be before February 16th.