Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel Talk 'Sex Tape' and Being Naked

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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel took a moment at the L.A. premiere of their new film, Sex Tape, to chat about being naked and, uh, butt pimples.

"I didn't have any butt makeup," said Diaz about filming naked scenes. "If I had a pimple on my butt, I probably would have covered it up."

Her co-star Jason Segel, just as naked in the film, gushes, "My butt shows up camera-ready."

Diaz and Segel play the parents of two kids who try to add a little spice to their sex life. They make a sex tape, which is accidently uploaded to several friends and family members' iPads.

The released tape includes three hours of them trying out every position detailed in the classic 70s self-help book, The Joy of Sex.

"It's more of a cookbook, it turns out," said Segel. "There's a lot of food in there."

Diaz further explained, "It's all about what you should eat leading up to [a] particular sexual position."

When asked what position they found most interesting, Segel replied, "There's one called, what is it—sausage and pickles?"

"Cockles and pickles or something like that," said Diaz.

Segel quipped that there must have been "some LSD involved" with the writing of the first edition of the book in 1972.

Rob Lowe and Ellie Kemper also star in the movie.

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