'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Dynamic Multiplayer Map Previewed in New Video


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Earlier this month, Activision and Infinity Ward finally revealed the multiplayer gameplay in the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts. The title will have the yearly team-based shooter action that fans of the series know and love, with a few twists such as leaning, sliding, and dogs.

A month before the gameplay reveal, though, Activision was already announcing multiplayer pre-order bonuses for Ghosts. All pre-orders of the title will come with a downloadable multiplayer map called "Free Fall." The map is developer Infinity Ward's take on the dynamically-changing map map concept that EA is heavily touting for Battlefield 4 under the ludicrous banner of "Levolution."

As described in the new developer preview below, Free Fall will change dramatically from the beginning to the end of a match. Players will square off in a toppled building wedged between two other skyscrapers. The floor of the map is actually made up of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. At the match goes on, the layout of the map will change, forcing players to adapt.

(Image courtesy Activision)