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Twitter Encourages Telecommuting Due to Coronavirus

Twitter is encouraging employees worldwide to work from home, if at all possible, in an effort to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Zurich Switzerland
Google Employee Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Despite limiting travel, an employee at Google’s Switzerland offices has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Japan Encourages Telecommuting Over Coronavirus Fears

As the coronavirus spreads, Japan is now encouraging companies to have their employees telecommute in an effort to contain the virus.

Image Credit: Microsoft
Microsoft Remote Desktop Update Brings Major New Features

The new update allows users to copy files between local and remote PCs, use an email address to access remote resources and allows user accounts assigned to remote resource feeds to be changed.

How To Keep Your Remote Employees Feeling Connected

Video meetings, persistent team chat, and consistent in-person connections are all important for keeping a connected feeling with remote employees, says Lisa Walker, Vice President of Brand & Corporate Marketing at Fuze. “Remote employees will always talk about how they feel disconnected from HQ and disconnected from the company.”

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