Bruce Jenner's Ponytail Still "Can't Get No Love"


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Poor Bruce Jenner has enough going on in his life without the world hating on his ponytail. When he first grew his hair out several months ago, many people said it was the beginning of a sex change process. Bruce confirmed that he was not having a sex change and just wanted to enjoy his hair while he still had it.

It's one thing for strangers to hate on Bruce's hairdo but when his estranged wife is doing it too, it hurts a little worse. Kris Jenner recently said that she thinks Bruce's ponytail has gotten out of control and needs its own manager.

"I try to manage it," she said of the hairstyle. "It needs its own manager, I think. I think we ganged up on him as a group. Kendall and Kylie are on ponytail patrol, as we speak, trying to get rid of it."

Kris and Bruce are currently separated and have been for several months. There are many rumors circulating that say the couple may be filing for divorce soon, but neither Bruce or Kris have confirmed them.

Kris and Bruce both maintain that they have stayed close friends even though they are separated. Since Bruce and Kris are separated, it means he doesn't have to try to impress her or keep her happy right?

Bruce seems to like his ponytail and doesn't appear to be getting rid of it anytime soon so it looks like Kris and his daughters will just have to get used to it.

What do you think of Bruce's ponytail?

Image via YouTube.