Bruce Jenner Won't Cut That Ponytail

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Bruce Jenner was met with a very interesting challenge by Khloe Kardashian on the golf course in a deleted scene from the new season. She challenged him to cut his ponytail (that the world has been cringing over) if he didn't make the shot, but he made it.


As Bruce Jenner seemed to be enjoying some quality bonding time with Khloe, the subject of Kim Kardashian's then-impending wedding to Kanye West came up. As did the subject of Bruce's hair.

Seeing a usable guise for her suggestion to cut that ponytail off, she took a chance. Seeming to cite Kim's wedding as the reason, she suggested he cut his hair to make it look neater and start over.

"Your ponytail looks cute," Khloe said. "You wouldn't want to maybe cut it all off to make it healthy and start from scratch?"

Bruce, having surely been approached with the idea before, is on to her game. "Is this Kim talking or you talking?" he responded.

"If you get this one, you don't have to cut your hair," she says. "But if you miss it, you have to do a little snip snip."

But it wasn't meant to be.

It was a great lead up to the September 1st premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which featured Kim and Kanye's big day and Bruce Jenner's ponytail.

Of course, the episode was steeped in Kanye as he debuted a new song for Kim. It was pretty "Awesome". Unlike Bruce Jenner's ponytail.

The lyrics said, "I gotta move, I gotta dance, I gotta live, I gotta love, I gotta hope, I gotta chance,"

They continued, "Don't let anybody bring you down. You're so awesome. You're so out the park. You're so after dark. You're so sleepless nights. Ooh this feels so right."

Pretty sweet.

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