Bruce Jenner Tells Khloe To Give Lamar Another Chance


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Bruce Jenner seemed like the most level-headed of all the family members, and although he and Kris are now divorced, he is still very close to her daughters, especially Khloe.

Khloe is going through a confusing time right now and can't seem to decide if she wants to divorce her strange husband or give him another chance. Bruce has been suggesting that she give Lamar another try and like most people, thinks that they are still in love.

“Bruce is playing match maker and trying to level with Khloe. He thinks she should take Lamar back. Despite all the cheating, alleged drug use and his NBA career loss, Bruce still thinks Lamar’s good for Khloe and he let her know that,” a source told Reality TV Magazine.

Khloe has admitted that she still loves Lamar and wishes that they were still together, but can't stand how he acts and doesn't feel like she can trust him after everything he has done behind her back.

“You have no idea how I feel everyday. If I had my way, I would still be married to Lamar, like even right now, today, I wish I was still married to him,” Khloe said on a recent episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons.

Bruce may not seem like the best person to be offering relationship advice considering his own recent divorce, but it looks like he may be ready to move on himself. He was recently spotted with one of Kris' best friends, Ronda Kamihira . It has been rumored that the two are dating and they were seen attending a showing of Kinky Boots at the Pantages Theater.

Sources close to Bruce are denying that there is a romantic relationship between the two, and claim that they are just good friends.

"Ronda is one of Bruce's longtime best friends in the world," one source told E! News. "They are definitely not dating. Trust me, anyone suggesting that is barking up the wrong tree."

Hopefully both Khloe and Bruce can find love and happiness again.