Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors Continue


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There have been numerous rumors about Bruce Jenner over the years, but one that has been popping up a lot is the rumor that Bruce is secretly planning a sex change.

The rumors started when Bruce grew his hair out and started wearing it in a ponytail.

Bruce laughed off the rumors and said that he grew his hair long after coming to the realization that many men his age don't have much hair.

He decided to take advantage of his hair and grew it long.

The excuse seemed to hold back the rumors for a while but a few months later it was rumored that Bruce was scheduled to have his Adam's apple shaved down.

More sex change rumors started circulating, and Bruce ended up postponing the procedure.

He also defended himself against the rumors and said that the reason he wanted to have the procedure done was because he had always felt insecure about his Adam's apple and felt like it was overly large.

Again, he denied that he was having or wanting a sex change operation.

When Kris filed for divorce from Bruce, the rumors slowed down and talk of their failed marriage increased. Now that the divorce drama is behind them, the media is once again focused on Bruce and the sex change rumors are circulating once again.

According to a source for Radar Online, the rumors may be true.

“Bruce is a really great guy, and he has been going through a lot emotionally because of this divorce,” the source said.

Another source also seemed to hint that Bruce really could be considering a sex change in the near future. The source also said that his family would support him no matter what changes he chooses to make to his body.

"If becoming a woman is something that he truly wants, I am sure that he has all of the support in the world from Kris, as well as from all of his children,” the source explained.

While it's not likely that that Bruce is really considering a sex change, it seems like his divorce has been tough on him.

Do you think the sex change rumors are true?