Bruce Jenner Caught Between Kris And A Hard Place

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Bruce Jenner found himself caught up in the tension-filled drama between his wife and his mother in a recent episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and had to let Kris know that he was going to stand his ground when it came to his family.

Jenner's mother, 87-year old Esther, was celebrating a birthday and Jenner wanted to fly out to Idaho for a visit but Kris refused, saying the woman has never liked her.

“Your mom doesn’t really like me that much. She has yelled at me — I stay away from people like that," she said. “I made her dinner, I made her brownies, I made her pasta, my favorite soup. I put flowers in her room. I made her feel like a princess! She doesn’t even like me. Why would I go visit somebody who can’t stand me?”

Jenner made it clear that he wanted Kris to make an effort because he feels his mom won't be around much longer, but she still wasn't having it. Eventually, Jenner invited his mother out to their home, and after some tension upon arrival, she and Kris had a little talk.

“We haven’t been too close in any way. I’m so sorry for that. I have felt like I should stay away, stay out of the picture, and I have. But it’s not right...You’ve been good for him and I think he’s been good for you," Esther said.

Later, Kris said in an interview for the show that she's waited 23 years to hear those words, so it looks like the family may be back on a more even keel. Of course, that episode was filmed before Kim had her baby and before Kourtney was slapped with a paternity suit by a male model who claims he's the father of her son Mason; although she had her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick submit to a DNA test and has confirmed that he's the father, the model, Michael Girgenti, is following through with the suit and says he believes the test was "tampered with".

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