Bruce Jenner Bonds with Harry Styles and Lamar Odom


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Bruce Jenner is pretty quiet and reserved compared to most of his other family members. But when it comes to his daughters and their significant others, he has a lot to say.

When Khloe and Lamar finally announced that they would be getting a divorce, most people weren't shocked. Not only had Khloe and Lamar been having relationship problems, Lamar also admitted to having a drug addiction.

The separation was already getting messy when Lamar allegedly demanded millions of dollars from Khloe in order to end the marriage and keep quiet about sensitive family matters. Most of the Kardashian/Jenner family turned their backs on Lamar but Bruce recently offered him some advice.

A source close to Bruce claims that he told Lamar that he should forget about everything that happened in 2013 and not drag all the drama, defeats and embarrassments with him.

The source said, "Bruce told him it will eat you alive and ruin in progress if you stay in the past. He also told Lamar to say off the websites and turn the TV off and not listen to gossip about him. He basically gave Lamar a lot of advice and mental support."

Bruce has also taken a liking for his daughter Kendall's boyfriend Harry Styles. Bruce recently enjoyed a round of golf and a heart to heart with the young singer. While Harry and Kendall are still yet to confirm that they are indeed a couple, it appears that Bruce may know the truth and is simply being a little protective of his daughter.

Do you think Bruce is right to give Lamar advice about his future?

Image via YouTube.