Brock Lesnar: Is He Returning To WWE?


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Brock Lesnar is no doubt a monster in the ring, but many of his fans feel like he isn’t given the chance to show his full potential or power.

Lesnar has defeated some big name WWE stars, including the Undertaker earlier this year. Rumors of his return are swirling and are likely true.

The question isn't a matter of if Lesnar will return to WWE, but when and what is the plan for him?

Lesnar’s success in the ring was often ignored by Vince McMahon and while many fans believe he deserved more big matches, he rarely got them.

Now that John Cena is busy filming his latest movies, the WWE has had to make some changes to their shows to accommodate his schedule. This has left some room for a backup wrestler, and rumor has it that backup may be Brock Lesnar.

Whether Brock will be brought in to "replace" Cena during his absences or to wrestle him for the title is still up for debate, but many people believe Lesnar's return has something to do with John Cena.

John Cena winning the title wasn’t exactly what the WWE had planned. To fix things, they put Cena in a fatal four way match at Battleground which Hunter termed as plan A.

Hunter also had a plan B in case Cena came out of Battleground as champion and since Seth Rollins is so close to the Authority, he was considered as the plan B of the Authority now that he has a contract.

However, the latest rumors suggest that Hunter’s backup plan is none other than Brock Lesnar, who is scheduled to face Cena at SummerSlam. Lesnar aligning with the Authority is supposed to give him more heat than he already has and Rollins cashing in the contract might be put on hold until Lesnar returns.

Right now, Brock Lesnar’s future success may be hanging on a rumor and depending on John Cena’s plans. The fact that he has been considered for such a match is good news for him.

Regardless of whether he gets to headline Battleground 2014 or if he returns afterwards to take on Cena, there may be more opportunities coming his way and he may finally get the recognition that his fans believe he deserves.

Image via Wikimedia Commons