Broadband Spectrum Will Expand In the U.S.!!!

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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has released a report highlighting the need for expansion of the United States broadband spectrum. At the core of his report is what he calls the "spectrum crunch" or huge surge in wireless internet traffic brought about by the popularity of wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. His main concern is that wireless network providers will not be able to handle the rising levels of traffic with under their current capacities. Biden is calling for huge investments to be made in upgrading both the capacity and efficiency of existing broadband networks while also adding new options.

Innovation is a core motivator for the upgrade claims Biden in his report:

"Wireless broadband has the potential to transform many different areas of the American economy by providing a platform for new innovation. Areas where the innovations will likely have significant impact include consumer products and services, such as media-rich mobile apps and high definition streaming video; products to enhance business productivity, such as mobile video conferencing solutions and access to web-based business applications; health care, where the quality of care will be enhanced and costs reduced through products like patient-physician video conferencing and remote transmission of diagnostic information and images; and education, where digital classroom materials and educational applications are already enhancing learning."

His report also speaks in depth about building a dedicated wireless network for public safety official and emergency services. He claims this will open clogged networks that many service people currently deal with and provide critical information on demand:

"With sufficient dedicated spectrum for public safety use, public safety personnel will have access to critical information even in emergency situations when commercial wireless networks are congested."

He believes this could be a project that stimulates the economy as well as fueling innovation and could have a great impact on job creation:

"Like other information and communication technologies that have transformed the economy in the past, the spread of wireless broadband is likely to increase the rate of growth in per capita income; spur economic activity through new business investment; and support many new high- quality jobs."

The effort and funds that are being set forth also put America on par with other countries like Japan and South Korea who have grown abundant with wireless and broadband options. Biden believes that all of these factors make an investment in fighting the "spectrum crunch" a wise investment that should be a real revenue generator for the country.

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