Brett Favre Would Be Worried About A Son Playing Football [Video]


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Brett Favre came out in an interview with Matt Lauer of NBC, revealing that he would be leery of a son playing in the NFL today. Favre is one of the latest people to come out about the health problems that he has suffered since leaving the NFL.

As a quarterback that stuck around for a long time, he was also sacked more than most people that have played the game of football, giving him serious damage to his brain. Favre does not have a son, and only has girls that are into sports, but in the interview, he mentioned that "In some respects, I'm almost glad I don't have a son because of the pressures he would face."

Brett Favre is a retired NFL quarterback, who played many years with the Green Bay Packers, and finished off his career on a bit of a disappointing note, as he was injured as a Viking. He is now 44-years-old, and despite the recent offer, he has said that he has no intentions of returning to the NFL.

Before this interview with Today, he also revealed recently that he had been suffering memory problems. He shared his fears of what his long NFL career had done to him and his health, revealing that there were things about his daughter playing sports that he simply could not remember anymore.

Ironically, that news came just days after the Rams were struggling to find a quarterback, and had called up the old star.

He also chose to address the issue of bullying that has occurred with the Miami Dolphins recently in his interview, and some fans did not like what he had to say.

As more and more former NFL stars continue to come out about the health problems that they have faced since leaving the league, it only seems fitting that Brett Favre would go through the same thing, after the number of sacks that he was forced to endure throughout his career.

How do you feel about the issue? Would you want your son playing in the NFL? Discuss.

The entire interview between Brett Favre and Matt Lauer is set to air on Monday's edition of The Today Show.

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