Breaking Bad Will Stream on Netflix UK the Day After Original Broadcast

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Good news for Breaking Bad the U.K.

Netflix has just announced that it will stream episodes from the show's final season exactly one day after they air in the U.S. Every Monday, Netflix user in the U.K. will have access to the newest episode - so that means the first one (technically season 5, episode 9) will pop up on Netflix on August 12th, the day following the Sunday, August 11th premiere on AMC in the States.

This is great news for fans in the U.K., who otherwise would have probably had to resort to piracy to see the new episodes of Breaking Bad in any sort of a timely fashion.

For users in the U.S., they will have to wait for the normal post-broadcast window to open up.

This isn't the first time that Netflix has done this across the pond - and it's not the first time they've done it with an AMC show either. Back in June, Netflix U.K. started streaming new episodes of The Killing exactly one day after they aired in the U.S.

Get ready for the mid-season 5 premiere with this 9-minute refresher of the first 5 seasons of the show:

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