Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical Is Precisely As Awesome As It Sounds

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As you probably know, it's now only 6 days until the premiere of Breaking Bad. That means that in about 9 weeks, we will know the final fate of Walt, Jesse, Hank, and all of the other Breaking Bad characters that you have come to love, hate, and lovehate. I'm some weird combination of excited, nervous, and incredibly depressed. In fact, I don't really want to talk about it anymore. I'm too emotional.

But while you prepare for what I'm sure will be a long, long week of anticipation - please watch this. It's a five-minute musical based on the first 5 seasons of the show, starring middle schoolers. Though it's probably not the best way to catch up on what's happened on the show over the last few years, it is entertaining. Props to middle school Jesse Pinkman, who does what he can with the role - even though he's not allowed to say "bitch." Major spoilers, obviously:

[RhettandLink, YouTube]
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