Breaking Bad: On the Emmys Win and Upcoming Finale


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Sunday night was a huge night for the AMC hit series "Breaking Bad." Not only did the next-to-the-last episode air on AMC, the cast and crew behind the show was in Los Angeles for the 2013 Emmy Awards where they just happened to snag the Emmy for outstanding drama series.

While "Breaking Bad" has been on TV since 2008 and has had two other previous Emmy nominations, this is the first time the show has won for best drama series. The timing couldn't be better, since "Breaking Bad" is preparing to wrap up its five-season run on AMC on Sunday.

Bryan Cranston, who plays meth mastermind Walter White on the series, has won three Emmys for best actor in the past, and was ecstatic over the show winning the award for best drama series. "This is an answer to a wish and a prayer,” Cranston said. “I’ve been blessed in the past, and this show has been nominated in the past, but what I really wanted was what we got: to celebrate the entire writing crew and cast. This is for all the crew that has worked so hard for us the past six years. This is the culmination of everything. This is one hell of a party, and what a way to go out."

What a way to go out indeed, Mr. White. And speaking of going out, to prepare fans for the show ending, a "Breaking Bad" marathon will air starting Wednesday, so clear out those DVRs or get ready to call in sick. Cranston spoke on the series finale during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet on Sunday.

"The ending is perfect," Cranston said of the series finale. "Unapologetic. It is perfect Breaking Bad." And what might be a bit of a clue in what the Sunday night finale holds for fans, when Cranston was asked about the plans announced for the spin-off "Better Call Saul," Cranston said, "We have to see if anyone survives the holocaust."

How do you think "Breaking Bad" ends? Add your comments below.

Read below for some celebratory comments cast members of "Breaking Bad" made on Twitter. Also, it's worth noting that Aaron Paul stayed in character for his Tweet, so don't scroll down if you're easily offended (and if you follow "Breaking Bad" to the point that you're reading an article on how they did in the Emmys, you probably won't be):

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