Brandi Brandt Faces Charges In Drug Syndicate

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Brandi Brandt, the former Playboy model, is now facing charges after being accused of participating in a drug syndicate.

Brandt allegedly helped hide a "commercial quantity" of cocaine on Qantas and United Airlines planes which was later picked up by employees of the catering companies that service airlines. Because the transports were done between L.A. and Sydney, Australia, Brandt has been extradited in order to face charges there next month.

Brandt's involvement in the syndicate stems from around 2007, and she reportedly also handled about $121,000 in drug money. Her ex-boyfriend, Rusty Setser, is accused along with her and has already been extradited to Australia. It's not known what sort of sentence either might receive, but life in prison is a possibility. Brandt's lawyer told the Australian Press that she has not entered a plea yet and hasn't issued a public comment on the situation.

"Anyone who is in custody getting extradited to another country that is very far away would not be happy, I guess," Anthony Solis said. "She hasn't expressed any particular emotion about it."

The 45-year old actress and model was one of Playboy's most popular girls in the '80s and was at one time married to Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. The former couple shares three children.

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