Boxed Christmas Cards: How To Make Them More Personal


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Boxed Christmas cards may be becoming a thing of the past, but there are still many people who prefer to send them.

One of the reasons boxed cards are becoming so unpopular, is because they tend to be boring and not very personal.

If you want to send Christmas cards from a box but want to make them a little more special, try one of these ideas.

It’s common to add photos to Christmas cards, but if you want to make the recipient really excited to get a card from you, add a photo that includes them. People expect to receive photos of your kids or family, but not of you and them together. The picture will be a refreshing change and make that boxed Christmas card stand out among all the others.

Adding a small drawing, poem or piece of jewelry to a boxed Christmas card will change it from being just a card to a gift. Something small and simple is best, just to let the recipient know that you are thinking about them.

Card Embellishments
One of the easiest and most fun ways to make a boxed card special is to add embellishments to it. Add lace, glitter and die cut shapes to the card to take it from boring to unique. You can also decorate the envelope or even use calligraphy to write a special message.

There are plenty of ways to make boring old boxed Christmas cards more personal and pretty. Go ahead and buy that box, but make sure you take the time to add some embellishments, photos or notes to make sure the card recipient knows how special they really are.