Botox Nightmares: 5 Awesomely Bad Examples Of Cosmetic Surgery


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Did you know that Botox injections are FDA approved?

A recent study even suggested that Botox "very safe" to use.

Although there are medical reasons it gets injected into patients, the public is familiar with its more cosmetic usage.

Injections into the forehead and other parts of the face are supposed to give a youthful face back to the men and women who are aging.

Something it works out.

Other times we witness the embarrassing results of celebrities who apparently had too much plastic surgery and Botox.

These are some of the five best examples of celebrities that ended up worse off following excess Botox injections and other cosmetic treatments.

Nicole Kidman

TMZ claimed the actress received Botox injections during the spring of this year. The treatment allegedly left the Australian actress with the inability to fully smile.


Angela"Big Ang" Raiola

Who doesn't love the tough-talking star of VH1's Mob Wives?

She has admitted to getting plastic surgery in order to look younger. Someone please inform the reality star that too much of a good thing can be VERY bad.

Carrot Top

Some comedians love to be walking punchlines, but I doubt this is what red-headed jokester Carrot Top had in mind.

During the first decade of the 21st century, Carrot Top had quite a few procedures, including too much Botox.

Janice Dickinson

It must be hard to go from being the world's "first supermodel" to a former top model known for excess plastic surgery. What's even more disturbing is that despite obviously having too much work done, there are still so-called professionals willing to do work on Dickinson.

Want to know how bad plastic surgery happens? Often, this is how.

Joan Rivers

Though Joan Rivers is no longer with us, it seems almost rude to not have an awesomely bad plastic surgery list and not include her.

Joan had been through so many changes throughout the decades. Before she died, Rivers became synonymous with plastic surgery. TOO MUCH plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, her excessive cosmetic work led to immediate speculation that her death was due a secret cosmetic procedure. This has since been proven false.

What other awesomely bad examples of excess botox and other plastic surgery can you think of?