Blake Shelton to 'Mop Floor' On The Voice Season 7

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Blake Shelton spoke recently about the upcoming seventh season of The Voice, as well as his plans for winning. Shelton was forced to gracefully concede to Usher as he took the crown for having the winning act--Will Champlin--during season 6.

"I mean, lets not beat around the bush. I am looking forward to mopping the floor with the other three coaches' asses," Blake said in his typical no-holds-barred country boy style.

This season Blake Shelton faces off against Voice alum Adam Levine, as well as newcomers Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. Blake's team will be mentored by country band Little Big Town, which is sure to be a big draw for country music lovers who may not have previously watched the show.

"I do want to win real damn bad," Blake added. "I thought there after season 4 – I had won three seasons in a row – we thought that I had them all from there on out. And then it was OK with me that Adam won... that was his last one by the way! I don't know if you read the script or not, but that's how it's gonna be."

Shelton dished on working with the new judges, noting that Gwen Stefani can handle some of his rather off-color innuendos and outright crass comments better than either Christina Aguilera or Shakira.

"[Gwen] is not like any other girl I have ever been around," he said. "She is just one of the guys. There [are] times I say something that maybe something you may not want to say around a girl, and [it] doesn't phase her. And I like that about her because with Christina [Aguilera] and Shakira, there were times when I offended them."

And then came the confession.

"I admit it, I admit... damn it!" he added. "I have yet to offend Gwen though."

Blake Shelton described Pharrell Williams as 'comforting,' saying he is wonderful at handling the 'fragile emotions of contestants.' That has to be a delicate job.

"Pharrell has talked some people of the ledge several times during these blind auditions. I mean, people who are upset, they didn't make it – he knows the exact right thing to say to people to make them feel," he said. "People will walk off that stage, not even having made the show, and feeling like they won."

That's one of the outstanding things about The Voice, too. Unlike American Idol, they don't put untalented contestants on their show for the sheer joy of poking fun at them. Even the contestants who are almost instantly eliminated on the show are talented singers.

Are you looking forward to season 7 of The Voice? Are you Team Blake Shelton all the way or will you stand by one of the new judges instead? Perhaps you'll cheer on newly married Adam Levine, who tied the knot with the beautiful Behati Prinsloo in Mexico over the weekend. Some people are wondering--sadly--if Adam's wedding signifies the end of the bromance between him and Blake.

Regardless of your choice, you know you're in for some fun antics on behalf of Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, and can look forward to seeing how Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams fit their way into the interesting mix.

Will Blake Shelton mop the floors with the other judges on The Voice this season? You'll just have to tune in--starting on September 22nd on NBC--to see.

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