Blake Shelton Teaming Up With Cher

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Blake Shelton has won the last three seasons of "The Voice"--with all three of his finalists reaching the top six last season--and he doesn't expect that to change anytime soon.

Now that the original judge's panel is back in full force with CeeLo and Christina Aguilera, Shelton will go into the next cycle of the show with a marked advantage...and Cher. The country star will be teaming up with the iconic singer later this season, and Shelton says he's excited about the prospect.

"I'll tell you what, I love her," he said on "Today" this morning. "Looking back on all the movies and things she's been in — she's just playing herself. … She doesn't take herself that seriously, but she doesn't take any crap off of anybody either. You know what I mean? She actually reminds me of my wife (Miranda Lambert) a lot, I mean, as far as she's a very strong woman."

Shelton's well-publicized rivalry with Adam Levine will likely still factor in during the new season, especially now that he has so many wins under his belt. Former judge Usher jokingly said earlier this year that someone needs to take him down.

"That lucky devil," Usher said. "He's kind of living on a high cloud right now. Somebody's got to tear him down. If not Adam, Sharkira."

Shelton acknowledged the rivalry on "Today", saying jokingly, "It makes me happy. I live to make him feel bad about himself."

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