Black Friday TV Deals: Save up to 60% Off


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Many people have been preparing for Black Friday since last Thanksgiving, as it's the largest sale of the year. Once you experience the thrill of obtaining an expensive item at a deep discount it is difficult to pay full price again, and millions of consumers are searching for the best Black Friday TV deals. Looking through the newspaper or your favorite retailers' websites is a great way to research deals. Being clear on what you want is the easiest way to quickly find a potential deal to hunt down on Black Friday. If you do not have a plan before entering the store you may miss out due to limited quantities.

Shopping on Black Friday is always based on first come first serve, and be prepared to stake your claim in local shops. This is the time to put on your good athletic shoes and be prepared for the weather in case the exterior doors are locked until the sale starts. Shopping with a friend or relative is the best strategy to locate multiple deals within a store and to have help if things with other shoppers get out of hand. Be proactive about safety and personal security on Black Friday.

Here are a few Black Friday TV deals to consider.

- Walmart is offering if offering a FUNAI named brand 32-inch 720 P Television for only $97.99.

- VIZIO brand 60-inch Television offers 120hz and 1080P for only $688.

- Target is advertising a Samsung brand 1080P 40-inch Television for $397. This brand is known for its good picture quality and will perform well over time.

- Element named brand has a 1080P 50-inch Television for $229

- VIZIO brand 47-inch Television offers 1080P at $379

- Kohls does not usually offer electronics, but in the spirit of Black Friday they are offering a 32-inch APEX with 720p for $139

Do not count on advertised Black Friday sale items to be numerous. Some retailers will only have a limited amount of advertised deals, and will not issue rain checks. However, since the retailers are counting on a large surge of people being in the store they will have other deals available. Always search for items that are part of the regular sale that goes from week to week, or are on clearance. Always clarify before leaving the store if a rain check is available, since each company has different policies. If a local deal is not attainable try to grab a similar Black Friday deal online.

Many people are not quite sure if they want the hustle and bustle of Black Friday Deals, and may choose to wait for Cyber Monday.

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