Black Friday Deals? Cyber Monday May Be The Better Bargain


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For years, holiday shoppers have planned out survival guides for the formidable Black Friday.

Some think of Black Friday as proof positive that the Christmas season is one big ode to hypocrisy.

However, for many years it has been the day that many stores have strongly relied on to bring their sales figures into the black (hence the name).

But a new challenger has appeared in recent years.

Cyber Monday isn't so much threatening stores (at least those with online sales services available), as a possible signal that we're on the verge of a paradigm shift.

Last year, more people were said to have shopped online than in brick-and-mortar stores for the first time in history.

Positive response to Cyber Monday deals is aided by the convenience of shopping at home during one's leisure time.

Compare this with Black Friday, where shoppers are expected to wake up in the middle of the night, stumble to the store, and then physically fight over a discounted appliance.

The madness associated with Black Friday sales has long been a heavy criticism of the event.

There have been injuries, deaths, and numerous arrests associated with the yearly sales event.

If this weren't bad enough, last year there was a terrible hacking scandal at retailer Target right before Black Friday. This event involved the stealing of hundreds of thousands of customers' credit card information.

There have been several major hacking incidents since, which could make some reluctant to go out in person and scan their cards.

Cyber Monday may come to be viewed as a safer and saner alternative to Black Friday.

Especially those who want all of the holiday deals and none of the drama typically associated with a Black Friday sales event.

Which sales day do YOU prefer: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Do you shop both days?