Biz Stone Thinks Story In 'Hatching Twitter' Is Fair, Admits He Didn't Read The Whole Thing

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Twitter and Jelly co-founder Biz Stone appeared on Bloomberg Television today to mostly talk about Jelly, but he also talked a bit about Twitter.

As you may know, Nick Bilton recently wrote a book called Hatching Twitter about the founding of the company. It has since been picked up by Lionsgate for a coming television series.

At one point in the interview, Stone was asked whether he felt Bilton portrayed the founding of Twitter fairly.

"He did, I think it was hundreds of hours of interviews," Stone said. "I think he was fairly thorough in his interviews. You know, fair -- I think he had to make someone a bad guy and he had to make someone the fall guy and he had to make someone the good guy, right? Because it is more exciting that way. In that capacity, I think maybe there was a little too much sharpness. But, otherwise, there was stuff in there that I learned that I didn't know."

"I mean, I didn't read the whole thing," he added. "I am too scatterbrained to read it from cover to cover. I just sorta looked at my section and a couple of other things. There were meetings that were taken that I wasn't part of, etc."

He went on to note that he's "very confident" in the company's current leadership team and they're "doing a great job".

"What I've always said - and I think this is true - is that Twitter needed who it needed at the time it needed them," he said. "And that as it evolved, people switched roles. No matter how dramatic it was, people switched roles and they were in the right roles. I mean, look at where the company has come today. I think that is a testament to it."

It remains to be seen what channel (or streaming service) will be showing Hatching Twitter when it comes out, but Netflix seems like a strong possibility given past rumors and the fact that Lionsgate is the studio behind what Netflix called its most successful show, Orange is the New Black.

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