Bing Rewards Now Supports Mobile Browsers


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Bing Rewards began as a program to entice users to use Bing over the competition for their daily search needs. As a user searches every day on Bing, they accrue credits that can then be spent on gift cards and physical items or they can even donate their credits to a charity. Now the same program is making its way to mobile devices.

Bing announced this afternoon that Bing Rewards is now available on Android and iOS. Despite Bing and Windows Phone being owned by the same company, it won't actually hit Microsoft's mobile OS until later. For now, Bing users will be able to search, earn credits and redeem those credits on their mobile devices, but Bing says all the features of the desktop program will make their way to mobile over the next few months.

If you feel the need to earn Bing Rewards credits on the go, you can easily sign into your Microsoft or Facebook account at From there, you can keep track of your credits via the mobile dashboard. You can even earn more credits through exclusive mobile search offers.

As for redeeming, it's as simple as hitting up the mobile version of the redemption center. From there, you can spend your credits on gift cards, coupons and more while on your mobile device. If you want to know more, hit up the Bing Rewards mobile info site.

There's no word on if or when Bing Rewards will come to the native apps on iOS and Android. We reached out to Bing, but were told they had nothing to share at this time. Still, it should be only a matter of time as most mobile search users probably want to use a native app over their mobile browser.

Image via Bing