Bing Releases Bar Version 7.1


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Web search engine Bing released an update for its Bing Bar today, offering enhancements that can be downloaded manually at its Discover Bing page. Users who are already running the Bar 7.0 version will be automatically upgraded to version 7.1 over the coming months, if they opt not to do so manually.

Updates include a new Facebook chat button, which allows users to talk to Facebook buddies without having the site opened in their browser. A Slacker Radio button is also included, allowing users to listen to music, sports, news, comedy without interrupting web browsing or search. The Fresh News App has also been added, affording users breaking news stories on the fly.

Bar Version 7.1 also includes enhanced Search Suggestions, which offers suggested search terms while browsing. Bing has changed up its methodology in this regard, making search easier. Other internal enhancements have also been applied to the update, and while 7.1 is not yet available in all markets, the changes will eventually be applied globally.

Bing, which has been extensively advertised on Facebook as of late, recently laid out its own opinion on its best features in attempts to draw more users:

Bing’s homepage
Bing Travel’s price predictor
Bing Video’s “smart motion preview”
Bing Music’s artist pages
Bing Events’ “FanSnap”
Bing Local’s Action Buttons
Bing Maps’ Mall Maps
Bing Shopping’s Deals
Bing Maps’ Airport Maps
Bing’s presence on Xbox, mobile and iPad.

Now Bing can add Slacker Radio, a Facebook chat functionality and The Fresh News Apps to its favorites.