Bing Ads Get Targeting Changes, App Extensions

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Microsoft rolled out tablet-related device targeting changes for Bing Ads last month, putting PC and tablet targeting together across campaigns. Now, device targeting is changing some more.

Bing is eliminating explicit mobile device targeting.

Microsoft's Gyan Trivedi explains, "Advertisers will be able to leverage bid modifiers on Mobile. We will continue having the bid modifier on Tablet as well. Once this change is rolled out, there should be complete compatibility between how ad campaigns are managed in Google AdWords and in Bing Ads."

Right now, Bing ads offer a Desktop and Tablet targeting option and a smartphone targeting option. With the changes, it will have one for Desktop, tablet, and smartphones, and one for smartphones.

The changes should be completed in March.

The company also introduced new app extensions for its ads, which will let users install advertisers' mobile apps.

"App extensions will enable you to promote your app for download on Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices," says Trivedi. "These extensions will automatically be targeted to a specific user’s OS and device combination. Searchers will be able to discover, download and experience your offerings directly through your mobile app, thus deepening your engagement with them."

These are also coming in March.

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