Bill Murray Gets His Own Hologram...And It's A BFD

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Actor, funny guy, and lovably quirky Bill Murray has been in the spotlight a lot recently, partly because he's in the new Wes Anderson film "Moonrise Kingdom"--which he promoted at Cannes in some funky golf gear--and partly because he's Bill Effing Murray. He's an icon, the man who's starred in some of the best movies ever put to film, who is synonymous with an entire generation's childhoods and who is so often quoted and mimicked that he's become a living legend.

To prove how bitchin' he is, he sat down for a chat with David Letterman recently and debuted his very own hologram, just like Tupac had at Coachella this year.

"It's an economic choice, you know? I can have this hologram everywhere and I can stay home," he explained.

Murray said the hologram was a one-man banjo show that would appear at Madison Square Garden.

When Letterman commented on the new trend--the Elvis Presley estate announced The King would be getting his own hologram recently as well--Murray said what everyone was thinking: "It's a BFD, is what it is." The hologram appears beside Murray onstage and tunes a banjo with the help of Letterman's band leader, Paul. When Letterman interrupts to ask if all they're going to do is tune it, Murray says that's all he knows how to do at this point.

While you probably shouldn't expect Murray to show up in hologram form at any concerts soon, he does have three movies slated for release this year, including one in which he plays Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Amanda Crum

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