Bill Gates Predicts The Future Of Tech On Jimmy Fallon


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Bill Gates is a busy man. He's currently juggling his charity work while also helping the Microsoft's board search for the company's next CEO. While both must be taxing, he can still find the time to show up on late night television to talk about his work.

On Tuesday's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Gates showed up to promote his annual letter as well as talk about the next big thing in tech. Starting with the letter, Gates wanted to create something to draw attention to - the Web site where he publishes his thoughts on trends affecting global progress and how we can help transform poor countries into self-sufficient nations.

As for the future, Gates predicts that the future of computing with be in multitasking. He thinks that we'll be using multiple screens at once to get more work done than ever before. He also laments that we haven't been able to create a tablet that perfectly replicates the experience of writing on a piece of paper just yet. He notes that the software used to recognize handwriting isn't there just yet, but he hopes it gets there soon.

Image via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon/YouTube