Bill de Blasio Leads Polls In NYC Mayoral Primary


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Bill de Blasio, the 52-year-old underdog of the New York City Democrat Mayoral Primary held Tuesday, has reportedly ended up as the race frontrunner. Political analysts have projected de Blasio to win in a landslide victory over his fellow candidates, namely former Comptroller of New York, Bill Thompson (who previously ran unsuccessfully in the 2009 Mayoral Election) and predicted favorite Christine Quinn (the first openly homosexual female candidate.) The final results have not been officially determined in the city; however, as ballots are continuing to be counted de Blasio has racked up 40.2% (of the 98% of the votes reported.) That being said, de Blasio has already won the minimum 40% of votes he would need in order to almost guarantee a ‘W.’

De Blasio is currently the New York City public advocate, who only weeks ago had been cast aside as a remote fourth in various voter projections. The Brooklyn native topped the polls in every borough in nearly every Democratic group of voters. De Blasio ran on the pretenses of repairing flaws and issues that “had been ignored by the Bloomberg administration.” After three consecutive four-year terms under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, citizens of New York have mixed emotions regarding the current stage of politics in “The Big Apple.” An overwhelming approval rating of 46% of voters support what has occurred during Bloomberg’s time as Mayor. Regardless, New Yorkers are showing tonight in their support of what looks like a de Blasio win that they, too, want to move in a different direction.

De Blasio has been vocal in his support of issues such as education and schools, and employment; he has also been extremely public with his opinion on the previous administration’s lack of gusto when it comes to dealing with specific issues, ones that he believes Bloomberg’s office typically ignores. The de Blasio campaign utilized a concept discussed in Charles Dickens’ novel “A Tale of Two Cities” – the realization of the social and economic inequality throughout the vast city. Although not expected, de Blasio’s tax the wealthy concept has apparently caught the approval of the city’s inhabitants.

De Blasio recently stated in a comment made earlier in his campaign, “Tonight is for every one of you out there who have ever been counted out.” But, by the way things are starting to conclude tonight, it doesn’t look like anyone will be counting him out in the near future.

Image courtesy @BilldeBlasio via Twitter.