Bill Clinton Wishes His "Other Mother" A Full Recovery


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The former president Bill Clinton has a special relationship with former first lady Barbara Bush - who has been in a Houston, TX hospital since Monday.

Even though former President George H.W. Bush lost the election to Bill Clinton in 1992 there seems to be no bad blood between them. The two, 41st and 42nd presidents - have become close over the past decade and have teamed up to work on humanitarian issues. The Clinton Bush Haiti fund, being one of the projects they've collaborated on together.

He is especially close to Barbara Bush - calling her his "other mother" and laughs about becoming "part of the family" last April.

"Starting with my work with President George H.W. Bush on the aftermath of Katrina, people began to joke that I was getting so close to the Bush family, that I had become the black sheep son. My mother told me not to talk too long today, and Barbara, I will not let you down," Clinton said at the dedication ceremony for George W. Bush's presidential library in Dallas.

In a 2012 interview with Parade Magazine, Barbara Bush said her sons call Clinton their "brother by another mother."

"He's very nice-I think he thinks of George as the father he never had," she added. "Truthfully. I mean that as a great compliment. He's been very thoughtful about calling and he's a good fellow."

The outspoken former first lady said she was "surprised by the fact that I liked him, truthfully."

"And I do like him a lot," she continued. "And he and George W. have worked together. I think they're patriots."

So it's no surprise that when he heard about Mrs. Bush's hospitalization for a respiratory problem - he publicly offered his well wishes - and tweeted them as well.

Former first lady Barbara Bush is still in the hospital, her condition remains unchanged.

Image via Wikimedia Commons