Beyonce Knowles Now Wants Us To Think That Her Marriage Is Intact

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Beyonce and Jay Z’s possibility of divorce has been the topic of headlines recently. On Monday, Beyonce posted a family picture on her Instagram account with her and Jay Z swinging Blue Ivy between them. Despite the divorce rumors, the picture seems to be that of a happy family.

News of the couple’s rocky marriage began months ago when Beyonce’s sister Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator. The incident sparked cheating rumors. The rumors grew even louder when Beyonce changed the lyrics to “Resentment” while singing on stage. This led fans to wonder if she was pointing out that her husband had been cheating on her.

Beyonce changes lyrics to 'Resentment'. Is she talkng about Jay Z?

According Page Six, a source who is close to the couple said, only “divine intervention” can help their relationship now. Reports say that the couple’s relationship has been shaky since before their daughter was born, but they were doing fine for a while after the birth of Blue Ivy.

Now, they are travelling with marriage counselors who are helping them patch their marriage. The source said that the couple is trying hard to “split without divorcing.”

In the middle of all the rumors, some people are saying that their rocky relationship may just be a counter-marketing strategy for their “On the Run” tour together. However, some people think otherwise. Reports also said that Beyonce and Jay Z will only be together until the tour is over and then they will split up for good. Their tour will end in September.

A few days ago, the couple was spotted with their daughter and Beyonce’s sister Solange. They had dinner at Kingfish in the Big Easy. Recently, they've been spotted together more frequently at a number of places.

People are now wondering if their being together is just an attempt to make it look as if their marriage is okay. Their actions may also be genuine, and they may really be working hard to rekindle the fire in their relationship.

Fans of the power couple will just have to find out when the tour ends.

Image via Beyonce, Instagram

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