Bethenny Frankel, Ex Get Into Screaming Match

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Bethenny Frankel has seen quite a bit of success with her career in recent years, appearing on "The Real Housewives Of New York", hosting her own talk show, and managing her Skinny Girl line of alcoholic beverages and retail products. One area that needs some work, however, is her relationship with ex-husband Jason Hoppy.

The former couple allegedly got into a screaming match in front of their daughter Bryn, and Frankel is accused of calling Hoppy "lazy, stupid trash" because he doesn't have a full-time job. The couple have had issues figuring out a custody arrangement for Bryn, with Hoppy claiming he doesn't get enough time with his daughter.

When divorce papers were filed back at the beginning of the year, Hoppy fired back with a list of demands, including child support payments from Frankel, medical and dental insurance-related bills, and he also asked for himself and Bryn to be the beneficiaries of a continued life insurance policy for Frankel. Hoppy also wanted to be afforded primary residence at their $5 million home in NYC, and for Frankel to foot the bill for his lawyers and accountant.

Frankel, who has amassed a fortune on her own outside of her family's money, drew up a pre-nup agreement before the wedding three years ago, so her millions are safe, to an extent.

Amanda Crum

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