Bethany Mota Has It Going On — 'DWTS' Finalist With Derek Hough, YouTube Sensation and a Millionaire at 19

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Bethany Mota truly has it going on. She will appear Monday in the finals of Dancing With the stars with dance partner Derek Hough. She has been a YouTube sensation for years and her image seems to be appearing everywhere, even in Australia. And she is now a millionaire at the age of 19.

According to Business Insider, the internet star has made a career for herself just by posting perky tutorials on everything from makeup to food tips to Black Friday shopping excursions. It didn't take long for the YouTube sensation to turn an activity that helped her overcome bullying and low self-esteem into a million-dollar venture.

In an interview with Seventeen Magazine, Mota shared how she turned a hobby into a career.

“Overall, you really have to love it,” Mota said. She told the magazine she does all of her own editing and works for hard to create a slick final product.

Just landed in Australia and I seem to have lost @bethanynoelm . Texting her now

Фото опубликовано Derek Hough (@derekhough)

According to Mail Online, the DWTS fan-favorite is having a blast, despite the mounting pressure as the finals approach.

“Bethany Mota doesn’t seem to be too shaken by the pressure, flashing a giant smile while heading into rehearsal at a dance studio in Hollywood on Tuesday,” said the website.

Had a little surprise for @derekhough yesterday

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How sweet is @derekhough ?? such an awesome bday surprise

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Sunday Fun day but not today because I'm rehearsing non stop with the bae @derekhough

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There have been some dating rumors floating around, with many wondering if Mota is hooking up with Hough. It also seems to be the hope of Motough fans who follow the twosome on social media. However, with an 11-year age difference, the two seem to be keeping their relationship in the friend zone.

Sorry Motough fans.

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