Beth Chapman Yells At Teen, Issued Arrest Warrant

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Beth Chapman is used to being able to raise her voice at wrongdoers; as Dog the Bounty Hunter's other half--both romantically and professionally--she's tracked down criminals in dangerous situations for years. As the only woman on the team, sometimes it pays to raise her voice. But when she yelled at a passing teenager who was driving too fast past the family's fishing spot in Colorado, she wasn't counting on having a warrant issued for her own arrest.

According to TMZ, Chapman allegedly yelled at the teen, calling her a "tramp" and a "whore" among other things. When things escalated, another person who was with the girl flashed a gun at Chapman, who left after calling 911. But the girl and her friend were still there, and because Beth is such a recognizable figure, they were able to file a police report against her for harassment. In Colorado, it's illegal to taunt or use "coarse language" against someone, so a summons was issued for Chapman to appear in court. However, she failed to show, so now an arrest warrant has been issued for her.

"Perhaps once all the facts are kind of brought to the fore and there's kind of an overview by law enforcement of what happened, hopefully this matter will be over," Chapman family attorney Gary Lozow of Denver said. "But assuming that that isn't an option, she'll go through the court system, and she'll be exonerated."

Chapman's lawyer says she's making arrangements to turn herself in. Apparently, the man in possession of the gun wasn't in violation of any law.

Amanda Crum
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