Best Blenders For Making Delicious Smoothies


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Forget about buying the "best blender" on the market. According to Consumer Reports, there's simply no such thing.

If you're looking for blenders for making delicious smoothies, you should instead think in terms of the "best blender for smoothies".

So what are the best blenders for getting a smooth, tasty, non-mulch-filled smoothie?

These blenders are among the best on the market. See which one fits your individual budget.

Vitamix 5200
Cost: $450

Dubbed the "gold standard" in blenders, the Vitamix 5200 is powerful enough to turn grain into flour.

It's also an amazing smoothie-making machine. While most standard blenders work best with soft fruits like bananas, the Vitamix is strong enough to grind up leafy veggies for the perfect green smoothie.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about a chunk-filled final product; after all the whole point of blenders making smoothies is the smooth final product.

It may be one of the pricier blenders on the market, but it's considered by many to be worth it.

Ninja Professional NJ600
Cost: $100

The Ninja Professional NJ600 is a blender that can crush ice and chop nuts. However, smoothie lovers also know it's one of the best blenders around for a good smoothie.

Working in the Ninja Professional's favor are rave reviews from both experts and consumers about its speed and ease of use.

If you don't have a lot of time and want your healthy beverage as soon as possible, then consider the Ninja Professional; it's one the fastest blenders around.

Hamilton Beach 51101B Single Serve Blender
Cost: $20

The Hamilton Beach 51101B Singer Serve Blender is one of the best bargain blenders around.

It's a lightweight product which blends the contents of a travel-friendly cup. If you're a busy individual, this blender allows you to prepare your morning smoothie and then head out the door!

As a rule, you get what you pay for. Though the Hamilton Beach 51101B isn't as loud as other blenders, it's also not as powerful. As a single-serve blender, you can only make so much of an item at a time.

Some may feel it's worth their time and money to look into longer-lasting blenders.

However, if you're pressed for time and money, the Hamilton Beach blender is for you.

What OTHER smoothie-making blenders would you recommend and why?