"Beardo and Dreads": New Videobomb Sensations


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They've been dubbed "Beardo and Dreads." The modern day dumb and dumber, or whatever you'd like to call them... Who are these two creepers showing up on televisions nationwide? These two have taken photo-bombing to a whole other level: Video-bombing.

These two first appeared behind Erin Andrews on FOX Sports, and have since made another appearance on the Today show in New York. They appear the exact same, in different places, with the same gesture in both appearances. They somehow managed to remain eerily motionless in both segments.

Urban Dictionary defines Video-bombing as: "To disrupt a video recording, by being a jackass."

Now they have become national heroes, video-bombing icons if you will. Twitter and other online platforms have lit up with the majority finding these guys appearances bizarre, yet hilarious.

Watch the clips below to see them in action: