Battlestar Galactica Departs Netflix Oct. 1, So You Better Get to Binging

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Frakkin hell.

If you've been putting off watching the Battlestar Galactica reboot (you shouldn't have been but hey, I know there's a lot of other stuff to watch), the time has come. The entire series, four seasons in all, will disappear from Netflix's streaming library on October 1. So that means you need to get started ... well ... about now.

That's if you want to sleep. The Verge did some math and figured out the latest possible time that one could theoretically start from the beginning and still finish the entire series before it vanishes. That time is 12:35pm on Sunday – but to do that you'd have to forgo sleep.

As you're probably well aware, Netflix rotates content in and out. Sometimes it sucks. You learn to deal with it. If you need something to cheer you up, season four of The Walking Dead will arrive on Saturday.

Ah, I know it's no consolation. This is a whole series we're talking here. But let's face it, if you've been putting it off this long, you probably weren't going to watch it anyway. It was probably just accumulating dust in your queue anyway.

But that's a defeatist attitude. I know how daunting a task this seems – and you probably have "responsibilities" like a "job" and your "kids" – but sometimes, you have to roll the hard six.*

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*Cool Battlestar reference. Don't ya wanna get it? Don't ya?

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