Battlefield 4 Premium Announced, New Multiplayer Trailer Revealed


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Last week, Activision revealed the long-anticipated multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Today at Gamescom, EA countered by releasing even more multiplayer gameplay footage from its own annualized shooter franchise.

The new Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer shows a massive battle on the shores of an island. The map, titled "Paracel Storm" features naval battles, aerial dogfights, and old-fashioned gunplay on the island's destructible environment. The map is large enough for 64 players, though EA has not announced whether next-generation consoles will support that number of players.

In addition to the gameplay footage, EA and DICE today announced "Battlefield 4 Premium." Like Battlefield 3 Premium, the new service is a subscription that gives players early access to new content.

Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers will get two weeks of early access to five newly announced Battlefield 4 expansions - Second Assault, China Rising, Naval Strike, Dragon's Teeth, and Final Stand. Subscribers also get free access to items such as skins, dogtags, and emblems, which DICE has promised to release more of on a weekly basis.

Premium members also get priority in server queues and will receive 12 "Battlefield 4 Battlepacks." Battlepacks are new, randomized packs of stuff EA will be offering for sale this fall. The packs can come with items (camo, dog tags, etc.) XP boosts, and gun attachments. The retail price of Battlepacks has not been announced.