Battlefield 3 Premium Trailer Is Leaked


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Last week we got a ton of rumors coming out about the impending release of Battlefield 3 Premium, a one stop shop for all DLC maps, skins, weapons, and vehicles. A point by point document was released on a German website that basically gave away all the info. Now we get the official Battlefield 3 Premium trailer that was leaked out and has been taken down from every youtube account. I found this one but who knows how long it will stay up.

What Did We Learn?

Aside form the fact that DICE/EA can make great videos, a lot actually. Most of what we learned are specifics instead of generalities that we had before.

- We find out that there will indeed be 20 new guns added to the arsenal. That should be 5 new assignments per DLC pack, but there are no confirmations as to if these will be available immediately or if you will have to earn them.

- There will also be more than 10 new vehicles. This includes the return of the awesome ATV. Also shown in a roll of new vehicles but noot shown playable are a C-130 hercules transport plane in what could definitely be a Spectre gunship. Mobile artillery like a howitzer is also shown. And rocket trucks which makes me believe that DICE is bringing back the air raid portion of the game like in BF 1943. If you haven't played BF 1943 check this out:

- Exclusive camo for weapons and kits. So they are bringing a sense of customization to the game after all.

- We also get the confirmation of some new game modes. Conquest assault which we have already seen in the back to Karkand expansion, Tank Superiority which I'm betting is an "Armored Kill" exclusive mode, and Gun Master which has never been mentioned before but wouldn't surprise me if it is like the gun game mode from COD.

So htere is a bunch of great looking stuff that is sure to make for a great experience. How it will work or if it will get delayed at all are the better questions to ask.