Battlefield 3 Premium Gets 800,000 Subscribers In 2 Weeks


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In news that is sure to infuriate many people and alienate even more, EA/DICE has announced that 800,000 people have signed up for their brand new Battlefield 3 Premium service. Doing some math, this means that EA/DICE has made $40 million from this service. This will mean that something like this will become the norm for nearly every first person shooter from EA going forward.

From my personal experience with the Battlefield franchise and in dealing with DICE, the amount of content, double XP events, and new content is well worth the price of $50. The only problem is that this will now mean that nearly every Battlefield game from now until forever will cost me $110 from the get go because these games will now launch with the premium service.

Battlefield 3 had a lot of huge problems when it first launched, all of which have been solved. To have a new service like this show that there are still near 1 million active players that will be enjoying this game until at least March when the last bit of DLC comes out, shows how robust the Battlefield community really is.

Here is the official Battlefield 3 Premium launch trailer that actually showed of some pretty cool stuff like the addition of dirt bikes: