"Batman Vs. Superman" Won't Feature "Girls" Star

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With any hugely anticipated film--particularly a film based on comics--comes rumors of who might star or even make an appearance in it. Months and months in advance, we're already hearing little birdies talk about "Girls" star Adam Driver playing Nightwing in the 2015 release of "Batman Vs. Superman", but he says it's just not true.

"No, there's no truth to it. I don't know whoever put it on there. I don't know how these things get [started] -- I don't know how it first came about," he said.

Driver, who plays Hannah's on-again-off-again boyfriend on the highly popular HBO series, said that even if there were people who were excited about the prospect of him starring in the movie, there would still be some haters (he does work on one of the most loved/hated shows in history). When told that there were a ton of people on the web who were happy about the "news", Driver said, "Yeah, and there are probably just as many, "Fuck!" What the Hell?"

The movie already has more than its fair share of detractors now that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman, but his good friend and sometime collaborator (and noted comic book nerd) Kevin Smith says that fans have nothing to worry about, because Affleck is going to blow everyone away. He also commented on the costume, which has gotten several tweaks through the years and is, according to him, nippleless.

“I saw the Batman costume. More than that I saw a picture of him [Affleck] in the costume,” Smith said on his podcast. “You have not seen this costume in film before. Because every other movie has done this Matrix, X-Men black armor thing. There wasn’t a single nipple on this fricking suit. I think everyone is just gonna be like ‘Holy shit!’ It’s its own thing. Even the hardest core person will be like ‘Alright, I’m ready.’ For a comic book fan it was mind-bending. I’m already a flag waver for this movie, but the costume, it blew my mind.”

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