Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Multiplayer


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In the modern tradition of adding multiplayer modes to video games that don't seem to need them, Warner Bros. today announced that the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins will have a competitive multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer portion of the game is being developed by Splash Damage, the developers of 2011's Brink. The gameplay is being promoted as "traditional" gameplay from the Arkham games crossed with third-person shooter mechanics.

The "Invisible Predator Online" mode puts eight players into a battle arena. Six of them will assume the role of henchmen, three for Joker and three for Bane. While the henchmen teams battle it out, however, two players will get the privilege of playing as Batman and Robin. Those two players will be taking out the henchmen from the shadows, "intimidating" each team in an effort to have the gang's leaders quit. At a certain point in the match, players can ascend to the role of either Joker or Bane, both of whom are, naturally, more powerful than their henchmen.